2008 Game - Overdrive

Robot Name:  Magic Man
Awards:          Motorola Quality Award
                        Regional Winners
                        Underwriters Laboratories Industrial Safety Award x 2
                        Judges' Award


FIRST Overdrive is played on a 54 ft (16 m) by 27 ft (8 m) carpeted field, divided lengthwise by a fence median to create a track, and separate the field into Red and Blue zones. The fence is crossed by an overpass marking the red and blue finish lines, and hold the game pieces: 40 in (1,016 mm) diameter inflated balls called "Trackballs". Two three-team alliances race around the track in a counter clockwise direction while manipulating the trackballs to score points.


The game is made up of two scoring periods. The first 15 seconds of play is the Hybrid period in which robots are autonomous, and may also respond to certain digital signals sent by team members designated as "Robocoaches", who are stationed at the corners of the track. The next two minutes of play is the Teleoperated period. At this time, robots are fully radio controlled by the team operators standing at either end of the field.[


Robots score points by passing checkpoints on the track, pushing balls around the track, throwing balls over the overpasses, and for having alliance balls on top of the overpasses at the end of the match.





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